mardi, novembre 08, 2005

The Rest of Yesterday

We are beginning to get worried emails. People want to know if we are OK with all these riots.

We're fine.

Like I said a few days ago, we don't really believe there are riots going on. We see absolutely zero evidence anywhere, except in the papers. I think it is a ploy by Sarkozy and de Villepin to mobilize the vote, and gain supporters. I see much more of them than either Chirac, or the rioters.

Perhaps I should take the metro out to Clichy-sous-Bois and see what all this alleged "unrest" is about...

Here's yesterday's Louvre page. CLICK it to see it larger. (I wanted to add, "Email criticisms to", but that's silly--just keep them to yourself!)

And that damn "Bound Hessian": I had it mapped out so well today, then I went in and tried to "tone it up." Bad choices in line direction ruined it--the arm is better than the rest, though it still has the lines running a curious direction in relation to the direction of the actual form in space. Sometimes I am making strokes that are convenient for my right-handed arm, but not good for the drawing. Oh, well, I'm learning....

By the way, these are all still straight ahead inks in Muji brush-pen. I'll tell you if I use something else.


At samedi, novembre 12, 2005, Anonymous Rick said...

Dude, you are WAY too hard on yourself... the drawings are beautiful. I should be quite happy if my figure drawings looked that good these days... heck, any days! I've always been impressed by the level of quality of your work and I look forward to returning here regularly to see more of it!


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