lundi, novembre 14, 2005

Paris, Cinema Cite

It's Monday, a little before 11 or so in the morning, and I walk past a movie theater, and there is a line beginning to form. Huh, I think, that's interesting. I'll take a picture. What movie they were seeing, I don't know--perhaps "Match Point," the latest Woody Allen. Their choices were that, "Cavaliers du Ciel," "A History of Violence," and "Combien Tu M'Aimes?"

I go about my business, do our laundry in preparation for the big move from St. Sulpice to The Bonapartment (no naked men espied). I head over to the Luxembourg McDo for lunch (a tragic case), and come across the same scene, different cinema: a line for a film. On Monday afternoon. 2PM or so. No idea what film.

Cinema Cité, indeed!