lundi, décembre 05, 2005


I told you, man.

These BNP Paribas Bank Fairies come from a series of books called "Arthur and the Minimoys," which I gather was originally published here in France. The material on the website betrays eager straining for English language success: has it already come, and I am just unaware? There's mention of a film that has been, or maybe is being directed by Luc Besson. Didn't he do "The Fifth Element," or "Delicatessen," or something?

They are disconcerting, n'est pas? These weird, generic characters, with Troll Doll heads grafted onto barely pubescent Barbie bodies, and the bodies unnaturally tanned (from a can?) and aggressively revealed beneath strappy, stringy leatherwear. And hawking financial products. For a bank. Is this what they call in France "La Synergie"?

"Joyeux Noël, mes petites Weezbees!"