jeudi, mars 30, 2006

"I'm Sorry, We Are Out Of Nothing"

Two weeks left here, and we're both gripping. We don't want to go, but knowing we have to go makes the time we have left joyless. If go we must, then let's just go now and get it over with. I'd planned to have my Mom visiting us during these final days, and I realize how perfect that would have been; alas, it was not to be. We did have the truly wonderful pleasure of a visit from Dear Friends Candy and Larry just last week; for nearly five days we ate great, told stories, checked out some art and generally enjoyed each other's company. Good times.

Now our mood is telling us to spend the next two weeks packing, and sulking; mentally, we are ready to close up shop. But we have so much work to do before our flight leaves, it would be impossible to just give up now.

So we sulk. And feel tense.

The drawing above came from the Louvre on Monday, watching people at the little café service area just across from the bookstore. The large-ish caricature is of a waitress who I believe has the best face I've seen in France.