vendredi, octobre 21, 2005

Feast or Fnac

I like the sound of that.

Yes, we're on our way to return the euro-keyboard (my head hurts just thinking of trying to type on that thing). But where will our 59 EURO refund go? Probably to buy the 500 EURO worth of software now needed to allow the dblDVD burner to serve a purpose besides taking up valuable floor space. Valuable, hairballed, dust-bunnied, unlevel, creaky "parquet" floor space, with half-inch gaps between every board and no vaccuum cleaner to suck the filth out (we thought the cleaning lady would bring one).

Before Fnac (pronounced "fnac"), we are going to look at another apartment, as urged by our realtor. We are still praying for the little slice of heaven with closets on Rue Bonaparte. But the contract remains elusive, the owner enigmatic. We are patient, but less so ever day.

And now we've got to move all this computer stuff....