samedi, décembre 10, 2005


I am in the process of a total rebuild for EUROCHINO. This is my Xmas gift to our friends and family, a complete, in-depth account of our life overseas so far. The Blog will be in all its fabulous fullness 10 days from now (when the Xmas cards revealing its existence will be arriving in the mail boxes of said friends and family). That tenth day should fall on December 20th, unless either the cards or my writing get delayed. In which case I will have no qualm about changing the date I posted this promise.

So goes the Holidays.


Dear Pal Pete came for a visit, but his stay was so short, and so beset with commitments outside our little Bonapartment (the DaDa exibit, the Vanderslice concert, dinner at Bergamote, brunch at Paul, an ill-conceived trip to the Aston Martin dealer on rue Franklin D. Roosevelt, etc.), I didn't have a chance to show him the wild 2001:A Space Odyssey silverware the Bonapartment came equipped with:

"Rotate the Bonapartment kitchen drawers please, Hal."