vendredi, décembre 23, 2005

PAUL Helps Paris Prepare for Pere Noel

Another fine afternoon spent sitting in Paul. This time I did something constructive: I drew. The slightly intimidating older lady who often waits on Dear Wife and I was working the pas fumeur room today. She said nothing when she handed me my menu, but when I asked to order, she wanted to know where was Dear Wife. Flattered by this attention, but not quite sure what exactly she was saying to me (it was all in French), I came up with a French-ish sentence expressing something along the lines of, "She is working today." This effort was well received, and she followed by with some more off-hand comments that I couldn't quite make out, so I said, "Oui, c'est trieste," which was supposed to mean, "Yes, it's sad." I made a sad face to help put this over. She chuckled, and walked away before I had a chance to really get going.

So I sat and drew. The waitress, a lady named Germaine, (how apropos) looked after me, never hurried me, and didn't bring the bill until I asked for it. I was free to sit and stare and doodle. I ordered an almond croissant, (they had one), a cappucccino, the quiche lorraine, a bottle of Pelligrino and a hot chocolate for dessert. All this was consumed over a couple hours.

And there was some sketching between courses....

People were bundled up, and some were beginning to buy actual Xmas supplies, though I think the real crush will begin tomorrow (Friday). Most bought bread, or sandwiches. A lot of characters, and since the neighborhood is an actual neighborhood, I saw many faces that I'd seen before come in and wait in line for some bread, or take a table and dine. Kind of cozy, to feel a little familiar with such a foreign place.


I liked this drawing of a father daughter combo getting ready to head out into the cold. I have very little clever commentary, so I'll let the drawings do the talking.