mercredi, janvier 04, 2006


The EUROCHINO staff is currently being detained on a small, tropical island, location undisclosed (a sort of GITMO for writers). The interrogations (mostly about Paris) have been amiable so far, though there have been disconcerting misinterpetations of my writing at EUROCHINO.

We may be held here for sometime.

In the meantime, now that Internet service has been established here (good behavior), I will continue writing about Paris, using my extensive notes and sources to continue bringing you color and commentary on the City of Lights.


At jeudi, janvier 12, 2006, Blogger Mr Goodson said...

Hey Marty. I got your Godard postcard. Thanks. Very cool.It's on my refrigerator now. I didn't know how to reply but I saw a link on the new TAG blog. Hope you're having a good time in France.

At dimanche, janvier 22, 2006, Blogger rickart said...

Hello... anybody home? Are you still there?

Blogs have been poping up like crazy since you went away... check out the action at the TAG site:


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