jeudi, février 16, 2006

First Day I've Missed Driving

That would be today, after reading an article on the new Corvette Z06. I am not a big fan of most contemporary auomobiles, but I was seized by some small thumbnail photos of the new 'Vette in yellow, photographed in a setting that looked like the Angelus Forrest, and I vividly imagined driving such a sporty car on one of those dry mountain roads.

Mildly remarkable that I, a life-long So-Cal, and therefore drivin' fool, have not felt the pangs of loss sooner. Not having to drive, not having to worry abot a car (except the sporty one we left with Brother Jon in CA), not having to park a car or provide fuel and insurance for a car, or even consider a car has been intensely freeing. But today I missed that old sensation of roaring through the backroads. Here it is cold, miserable, and just damn expensive for car rentals. I was reminded of an old Chevrolet slogan:

"It's not just your car, it's your freedom!"