samedi, février 25, 2006

Two Movers Resettled

We are back in the Bonapartment after nearly a month squatting at a friend's very nice, very posh piéd-à-terre. Moving leaves our energies depleted. Our volume of luggage has burgeoned to the point that moving required two separate trips in taxis of minvan proportions—which is embarrassing. Too much baggage!

The apartment remains on the sixth floor, the narrow spiral staircase still the only means of ascension. We've been training at the gym for this move, and it helped us survive. We'd been short with each other since the day before the move, dreading it, and when moving day came, we were crankier still—cranky and snappish all day (mainly me), until all the climbing was done.

Now that it's over, and we are recuperated, we find it's very nice to be back here, in our special little aerie.