jeudi, février 16, 2006

A Few Quick Notes

1. Blogger no longer lets me determine the date on a post. Hence the final, definitive word on the "back fill" debate.

2. We have been in Paris since the 2nd of Feb., but arrived to find our apartment, the Rue Bonapartment, which we were assured would be ready for our re-occupancy on the 2nd, had in fact been rented out by the owner until the 23rd. Rented to a Norwegian, and his wife. And their dog. (Very nice people, actually.)

3. Fortunate we are, though, for our friends who were storing our obscene load of luggage during our January absence have told us to go ahead and stay in their (fortunately vacant) flat until we get our old one back. And their flat is very lovely, posh and very convenient to everything, with a lovely concierge and nice folks residing throughout the building.

4. The scanner is still at the Rue Bonapartment, so no drawings to share.

5. I haven't posted fer shite since the start of 2006. It's a mid-blog crisis.

6. The fellows at are sharing great drawings and droll comments for everyone on the web to come see--free of charge!

7. MOST IMPORTANT: when one of you (very lovely, very appreciated) people post a comment, I receive it as an email, but I can't fer the life of me figure out how to get a message back to you. Steve, Skribbal, you others, let me know how to remedy this. Contact me at Straighten me out (Dear Pal Pete probably knows how to solve this).

8. I took Dear Wife to a cooking demonstration at the Ritz Escoffier Cooking Scool Monday night for a pre-Valentine's Day soirée. Then we went to Disneyland Parc Paris for Valentine's Day (unplanned, spur of the moment). Both were good times.

9. Stay tuned for more Paris madness!


At vendredi, février 17, 2006, Blogger rickart said...

Thanks for the shout out on the TAG blog!

You know where you can email me, and I have a few other email addresses, if you would like them. I think Skribl ought to get you hooked up with posting privilages to the TAG blog... we would love to see your drawings there, too!

At vendredi, février 17, 2006, Blogger Mr Goodson said...

Marty, Have Jeff Ranjo invite you to the Tag Blog and you'll have more post and edit capabilities. Hope you got your apartment, norwegian free, by the time this message reaches you.
I did my first pitch tonight. It was an amateur group that gets together every month. Kinda like Toastmasters for cartoonists. It was simultaneously a disaster and total success. I came away from it with a lot of energy to do it for real.
Take er easy

At lundi, février 20, 2006, Blogger rickart said...

That sound's really cool, Mr. G! I want to hear all about it.

BTW, one of the reasons that some people don't use their full name on Blogs.

At lundi, février 20, 2006, Blogger rickart said...

whoops... I meant to say "there ARE reasons people don't use their full names on Blogs"


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