jeudi, mars 30, 2006

My Funky Ink Style Continues

With all its pros and cons.

I was at the Rodin Museum yesterday because I had to return books to the library in the morning, and it's not a very long walk between the library and the Rodin. Was supposed to rain, but didn't, so I stood outside "sketching" for a while with my umbrella dangling from my shoulder bag.

I know these would look better if I just filled in the "shadow" areas somehow, (perhaps a clever discovery awaits), an area I am instead leaving blank after trying to encircle it with form shadows and silhouette edges; but I don't want to diminish my efforts with that pedestrian "wash" look (tho' it is quite pleasing, fer sure)--and besides, I'm supposed to be finding AN ORIGINAL way to make this all work.

Comments are welcome.