dimanche, avril 02, 2006

"Elle Vous Fera Craquer!"

Literally translates as, "She'll make you crack!"

Found on lunch menu at Laduree, in reference to the seductive powers of their gaufres, which is a type of sweet food over here that are typically just tasty, small sections of what we U.S.-type citizens would call Belgian Waffles, often sold by street vendors; but the Laduree version is much closer to a very fresh, slightly soft version of a cream-filled wafer cookie. We cracked. And we're buying a small satchel-sized stash for the plane.

Here are some more sketches from the Louvre, executed in pencil this time, (but in that annoying blue pencil of mine--it really makes for a bad scan because of the very tight tonal range--you just don't get a good dark with these compared to typical graphite--I can only defend my use of them by citing nostalgia). So the point of these drawings is improving my "Quick Sketch" execution; I wear my iPod and try to do a new drawing for every new song; well, that's the goal, but you know me--it's more like every two or even three songs! It's misleading and a little comical to call them "quick" sketches. So let's call them "kwik" and be done with it.

REMEMBER: click on any of these suckers, and they'll grow to a magnificent size--all for you, dear reader, all for you.


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