mardi, avril 11, 2006

Paques Time

Easter happens this Sunday. Over here they call it "Pâques"; just "Pâques", I'm told, no "le" or "la" before it. Pronounced "pack."

Which is what we've been doing.


At mardi, avril 11, 2006, Blogger Time Expander 2.0 said...

I think a noun that wants to give up its definite or indefinite article is like someone going by a first name only such as Cher or Mandisa or Schting. I can empathize with your weird leaving limbo where your mind never seems to be on the present. At least you can watch Veronica Mars if you want when you get back here.

At lundi, mai 01, 2006, Anonymous Anonyme said...

Toni the boys and I are living in London. Please send me an email, as I have been trying to get a hold of you for months. Hope to speak to you soon. love to Blair


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